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Mildura is located in North West Victoria, near the NSW border, in the Murray Darling wine region.

This region has a Mediterranean climate with long daylight hours and low humidity, making it ideal for growing wine grapes. As a result, the need for wine corrections with additions is kept to a minimum. Because of our dry climate, we only need to spray for disease, and we use the Roman method of sulphur and copper to prevent mildew. Our vineyards are pesticide-free, and are irrigated and fertigated by a drip system. All organic by products of the winemaking process (such as stems, marc, lees, and so on) are returned to the soil for sustainable farming.

Capogreco Generations

For over 45 years, Capogreco Winery Estate has not only taken pride in the history and integrity of winemaking, but also the attention to detail…a loyalty to the traditional art of our forefathers that we continue to uphold.